Sleep Journey Tranquil River Meets Ocean Sleep Journey - With Music


Welcome to Ethereal Meditations.  This meditation will take you along a river’s edge towards the vast open waters of the ocean.  Let the tranquil sounds of nature guide your body and mind into deep and restorative sleep.

** Please note that all of our guided sleep journey meditations and any meditations intended to assist with sleep will not have a bell at the end of the meditation.  The music and voice will fade out slowly until the meditation comes to an end **

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We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to calm the body, quiet the mind and fall asleep at a desired time.  Sleep struggles can fluctuate depending on what is taking place in your life.  For example, if you are having a week where you are constantly on the go and are beginning to feel over-stimulated, overwhelmed or anxious, sleep patterns may be affected.  It is common for sleep issues to become heightened during periods of increased stress or over-stimulation.  Winding down at the end of your day about an hour before your desired sleep time, can be incredibly beneficial as it allows your body and mind to enter into a calmer state.  Winding down could mean meditating, reading a book, doing light stretches and just connecting with your body and lowering external stimulation in any way that you can. 

In addition to this, setting aside a few minutes (well before bed time) to address and work through any thoughts, tasks or experiences that are causing you stress, can also be helpful.  When you later go to bed for the night, your mind will be less likely to try and navigate any worries before falling asleep. 

Lastly, in sleepless moments accompanied by frustration, we encourage you to take a moment to observe the present moment.  Ask yourself if you’re feelings of frustration and anger are growing from your resistance to the present moment, based on how you are perceiving it.  For example, are these emotions surfacing because you think that the present moment should be different?  Should feel different?  Should look different?  Perhaps your resistance to the current circumstance is causing tension to become stronger, therefore sleep may be more difficult to achieve.  It may feel counter-intuitive, but during these times, we encourage you to name all of the positive things that the present moment is providing you. Let yourself know that you are grateful for this moment exactly as it is.  Accompany this practice with any kind of deep breathing exercises that you are comfortable with and begin to observe your body and how tension slowly begins to dissipate.

Music Credits: Serenity – Chris Collins