About Us

Baseline Media Inc. is a team of three passionately driven souls committed to not only our individual healing, but the healing and transformation of the collective. We believe that before we are able to help heal the world and create meaningful differences on this earth, we need to begin within ourselves.

Why did we name this app Baseline?

Because underneath the layers of stress, anxiety, racing thoughts, to-do's, obligations, long days, pressures of modern society, trauma, nervous system over stimulation (& so much more...), there is a true baseline state of being within all of us, that feels happy, free, present, safe, healthy, purposeful, calm & at peace.  So perhaps our biggest desire of all is that these meditations can be a tool that you can use to help guide yourself back to YOUR own baseline state of being.  Because we all deserve to feel healthy, happy and safe in our bodies.

So, with gratitude and excitement, we invite you to explore our meditations.  Our meditation app is free to use at your own convenience. We also offer an ads-free experience for $1 USD per month or $10 USD for the year. 

Thank you for being here, but most of all, thank you for the effort, time & energy that you are putting into your own health, happiness & well-being.