Calm the Body and Nervous System - With Music


Do you ever feel anxious, overwhelmed, over-stimulated or feel that you just cannot get the thoughts running in your mind to shut off?

Many of these experiences are a part of life as external stressors are always fluctuating. However, this begins to become a problem for our body when anxiety or the feeling of being overwhelmed becomes a daily part of our life or a new baseline state for us.  Our bodies begin to enter a state called ‘fight or flight’, which means that our nervous system is on high alert for danger as we have stayed in an unhealthy state of anxiety or exhaustion for too long.

This guided meditation can be extremely useful for helping your nervous system to calm down, relax and re-align. The more frequently that we can bring our body, mind and soul back to an optimal state of being (full body-mind relaxation and mindfulness), the easier it will be to stay in this healthy state.  Feeling calm and safe is where we should be living ‘most’ of the time.  This meditation is specifically intended to help you get there.

With this meditation, you get what you put in.  Anytime that you feel yourself drifting into anxiety or overwhelm, find a quiet place and tune back into your body through practicing this guided meditation.  

We suggest listening to it once or twice per day for a minimum of 30 days to help with a healthy stress response and to train your body to live more frequently within that optimal state of being.  

Music Credits: Kevin MacLeod - Concentration