Nature Based Guided Sleep Meditation Journeys

When we spend time in nature, the sounds, smells, and energy feel immediately calms our nervous system. We feel deeper presence, relaxation, clarity, happiness, and peace within.

Imagine walking along beaches and forests, feeling the earth beneath your feet, hearing the sound of ocean waves, tranquil rivers, singing birds, and feeling the warm sun against your body. Each meditation takes you through a unique healing environment and relaxing experience.

Our nature-based sleep journeys are designed to creatively replicate the sounds, smells, and sensations of the natural world. Through your own visualization, you can help your body reach a parasympathetic nervous system state (a deep feeling of calm), making sleep come much easier!

Why are we so passionate about helping people get better sleep? Because when we get better sleep:

  • We worry less about night time and whether we will be able to fall asleep
  • Anxiety decreases
  • We heal more deeply on a cellular level
  • We wake up feeling rested, calm and ready to take on the day
  • We are no longer running on adrenaline, so our microbiome can maintain its good bacteria that is responsible for creating sleep neurotransmitters in our gut
  • We begin to feel happier, more energized and more positive 
  • We have better response to external stressors
  • Our immune system strengthens
  • We feel more confident, vibrant, and good in our body

Our deepest desire is to provide healing meditations that will help you get better sleep. Because we all deserve to feel happy, healthy, and safe in our bodies. So we invite you, to dive into the magic of nature and let the sounds, smells, and sensations gently guide you into nights of deep and restorative sleep.

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