Positive & Powerful Self Healing Visualization Meditation


We all have parts of our body that we neglect.  Parts of us that we ignore or get frustrated with because they don’t look or feel like how we think they should.

What would happen if we took a moment to think about all of the amazing things that our bodies do for us?  What if we took a moment to send some extra love to these areas? 

Positive visualization is a very powerful tool that can be used anytime.  Our cells are always listening, spirit is always listening.  When we combine the power of visualization, intention and collaboration with spirit, the results are often beyond anything we would have imagined.

This 13 minute guided meditation was created with self-healing in mind.  I wanted to create a process around my own self-healing techniques and in a way that anyone else can try too.  You’ll leave this session feeling more present, relaxed and light.  It’s just as much a potent self-love exercise, so if any emotions rise to the surface, invite them in with compassion.

Every day you are healing.  Let this meditation be a reminder of your limitless potential on your journey towards increased health and happiness!!