Morning Motivation & Positive Energy Guided Meditation


How we begin our morning, often sets the mood for our entire day. Mornings are an incredibly important time to be aware and intentional with our thoughts. What we think about and how those thoughts make us feel on a deeper level, plays a significant role within our lives. The more that we focus our energy on uplifting, happy and feel-good thoughts, the quicker we are able to manifest our dreams and desires.

Taking a few moments in the morning to start your day with meditation, visualization and/or affirmations, can contribute to a day full of relaxation, happiness and motivation! Motivation comes and it goes and there are so many factors that contribute to how and when we experience motivation. Some days we may find ourselves feeling incredibly motivated and some days, it might take a little extra energy and effort to truly get into flow and to begin working on whatever it is that is meaningful to us or that we want to achieve.

We have created this guided meditation to help increase levels of motivation and focus as you begin your day.

What goals, tiny action steps or dreams are you currently working towards? What moves your soul? How do YOU create motivation on days where it feels more difficult to get going?